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Miron Mizrahi mironmizrahi@yahoo.com
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 10:35:05 -0700 (PDT)

Nina wrote:

>now maybe i'm mistaken here (you enviromental management/science 
>folk may be
>able to help me - i'm just a lowly designer who only took a handful

>environmental courses in college), but aren't forest fires 
>beneficial and
>part of the natural cycle of forest ecosystems?? 

Nina, Nina, you are completely missing the point. ofcourse fires are
benficial to the forest. they are just not beneficial to us. 

>if we prevent forest fires 
>together (and meddle with the ecosystem), are we putting forests in

>danger down the line? 

what a silly proposal! didn't you read what the white house said? we
are being proactive in managing the forests. how can that be bad? I
have an even better proposal - let's cut down all the trees. after
all, what does it matter if they are there as a forest or as a part
of our houses (I just loooove wooden floor boards) as long as they
are there. we can use this also as a driver to carting off all the
animals who live in the forest to city zoos. this way we don't have
to drive all that far to see them. we will be able to drive our cars
in city roads where their fuel efficiency is at their lowest (so the
oil companys get to sell us more fuel) and we don't have to wait 54
miles to the next Maccas (there is one on every corner block) so
that they get to burn off more rainforest in Brazil for cattle
grazing. what really amazes me is that my genius has not yet been
recognized by the govt. 

>really, please, educate me because bush's plan seems really flawed 
>from a
>science stand-point. i wont even get into the flawed altruistic 
>reasons -
>that's obvious!

forgive me Nina for being a bit over the top here - it is not
personal. but I must say I have had enough of Bush. I am not an env.
expert and as I said in another post, Bush's proposal might end up
the right way to go. what concerns me is the lightning speed with
which these decisions are being made and the lack of due process.
when Bush became president I thought he was a cowboy. after 9/11 I
began to think he might still be a cowboy but at least a reasonable
and honest one. but the increasing piling up of anti-env.
pro-big-business decisions is starting to aggrevate me. we are
almost lucky to have had Enron and Worldcom. who knows what else
would have happened.


It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
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