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Janice Coleman jec_coleman@hotmail.com
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 12:08:57 -0400

Yes, I agree that humans have altered the ecosystem -- human's have altered 
the ocean ecosystem, too, but should we kill the fish because people are 
eating and  bioaccumulating the heavy metals the fish ingest -- because 
people put the metals in there to begin with?  The answer is not to correct 
harmful human interference with more harmful human interference.

What's the answer?  I am not sure -- but Bush's answer is not the way to go.

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>ninas wrote:
>>...but aren't forest fires beneficial and
>>part of the natural cycle of forest ecosystems?? it was my understanding
>>that forests need to burn every so often so it can replenish and provide 
>>ground with nutrients...
>Forest fires are part of the natural cycle, but the natural cycle has been  
>so screwed up by humans (environmental change, building homes where they 
>don't belong, global warming, etc.) that it's hard to consider today's 
>forest environmental "natural" in one sense.
>I don't know nearly enough about forest management to determine whether 
>Bush is right or wrong here.  But I do know that the conditions of the 
>forests now is a result of 8 years of Clinton with a pro-environment 
>interior czar (Bruce Babbitt), and the result so far this year is 20 deaths 
>and hundreds of homes destroyed.  Even if two fires were set by humans, the 
>fact that one person can so easily cause so much damage indicates that the 
>present system is wrong.
>So, I'm not sure that either side has a clue as to how to manage forests 
>given the current environmental situation.
>- Craig
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