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[Powderworks] Shipyards and Bedlam

Paul Woodward Paul Woodward" <woody@hairydonut.plus.com
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The line is actually "no ambition ever hopeless" in Bedlam Bridge.
In the video this coincides with a destitute guy in a wheelchair peering
through the window of a Limousine, which implies that whatever your
situation you can always have ambitions and dreams.  This seems more of a
human emotion than one that would aply to Jesus.  I've always thought the
song was about being down and out and contemplating suicide.


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> > Yeah, but the song predates Heston's major involvement with the NRA by
> > years.
> > ---
> Uh, that is a bit of a problem.  I'm stumped.
> Re: Bedlam Bridge:
> >I'm a fairly religious person, and I've always seen the man on the bridge
> >Jesus.  For me, the song says that, while there's a lot of trouble and
pain in
> >the world, Jesus will make everything okay in the end.  I see the "Drive
> >engines harder, won't you turn the engines over?" as the singer
encouraging the
> >listener to press on to Bedlam Bridge, where Christ is.
> Yes, I've always thought of it the same way.  "A man who makes no enemies,
> body never breathless, a mission never hopeless..." I was only 16 when I
> first heard these words, and I couldn't then - and still can't - think of
> what/who it would refer to besides Jesus.
> Any ideas?
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