Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] BLACK RAIN FALLS

Jeremy Oviatt joviatt@bowg.com
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 16:21:32 -0600

Last night as I fed my Newborn son his 1:00am feeding I threw in the
video Black Rain Falls that I had borrowed from a friend.  What a great
video/concert.  I had seen clips here and there, but I had never seen
the full concert as it were till last night.  I loved the music, I loved
the energy and the message they proclaimed.  The press conference clips
were equally enlightening.  I'm jealous if there were any of you lucky
enough to have been there at the time.  I was impressed on how they were
of course making a hugh statement about Exxon on the Oil spill in
Alaska, but they weren't just sitting on the edge of the street pointing
fingers, bitching and complaining about the "bad guys".  Instead, as it
seemed to me( and I could be wrong), they were encouraging people to
rethink, question and then work for a better world.  To "bring on the
change" as it were.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew....
Has that "Guerilla Action" concert ever been recorded in an audio (i.e.
record, cd tape) format in it's entirety?  If so where can one find it. 
I know Progress is on Scream in Blue, River Runs Red on 20,000 Watts RSL
DVD, and I've seen Instant Karma floating around as an MP3.

P.S. A word to the wise,........ if you're planning on trying to fall
back to sleep quickly after feeding you kid late at night, don't watch
an Oil's concert.  There's way too much energy—I was restless for