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[Powderworks] Byron gig - HELP!?

Seweryn Bialasiewicz captain_stupendous@hotmail.com
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 00:38:36 +0000

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<P>Heya! </P>
<P>I just got my tickets yesterday! I had to really wrangle for the Friday show, as the hotel venue was sold out, but they still had some tix left at Soundwaves in Byron. Who else is going?</P>
<P>Matty, I don't remember the number, but to a phone directory inquiry to the numer of the Great Northern Hotel in Byron Bay (I think that's its name anyway). </P>
<P>See you all there!&nbsp; </P>
<P>PS- Look out for a blue and white kombie with a smurf on the back of it. - That's us!</P>
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<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>Hi everyone</DIV>
<DIV>I'm writeing this mail outta desparation, maybe someone close to the band or with contacts can help me out. I really wanna get into this byron gig but the reality is i'm gunna on e month short of 18 wen its on. So i don't wanna drive all the way from bris to byron not to get let in if they decide to check for id. is there ANY way i can possible get to these 2 gigs?</DIV>
<DIV>Thanx </DIV>
<DIV>Matt</DIV></div><br clear=all><hr>Chat with friends online, try MSN Messenger: <a href='http://g.msn.com/1HM1ENAU/c144??PS=47575'>Click Here</a><br></html>
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