Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] non-controversial first post

DuncanStrauss@aol.com DuncanStrauss@aol.com
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 00:48:52 EDT

Hi. This is my first post, and I can assure you it lacks the geopolitical 
edge of many recent ones. But I guess in the wake of those rather spirited 
exchanges I thought I should quit lurking & jump in with some sort of 
innocuous greeting. I'm new to the list as of "Capricornia," but hardly new 
to Midnight Oil. Many years ago, I was a music journalist for the L.A. Times 
& assorted magazines (including Musician & Trouser Press--both now gone) & as 
such, climbed aboard the Oils express upon the U.S. release of "10,9,8...." 

When they put out "Red Sails," I interviewed Peter Garrett & profiled the 
band for Record, Rolling Stone's short-lived sister publication, and later 
profiled and reviewed them for The Times. Not surprisingly, I immediately got 
hooked on the live show. I mean, David A. Brass probably sees more Oils 
concerts over lunch than I've ever seen, but since 1984, I think I've been to 
all their Southern California shows & a few elsewhere (Seattle, San 
Francisco, Montreal). OK, before this gets any duller, let me just say I 
later worked for a decade or so as a talent manager specializing in 
comedians--including the late, great Bill Hicks--& I'm now tunneling out of 

So, one's things obvious: I can't hold a job! Less obviously, as part of my 
transition, I've revamped our company website to feature new writing, some 
audio essays, archives of a radio show I periodically host, photos. The point 
of all this, if there is one, is that the first article I wrote for the site, 
a few months ago, was about--well, who else? And the first audio piece I 
recorded, on a $5 microphone plugged into my laptop, is also on the Oils.  
I've since churned out other pretentious blather about music--including an 
article I just finished on Neil Finn--and about travel, plays, restaurants, 
etc. Anyway, if you feel like checking it out: <A