Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] still waiting for any responses about Peter's Oct 8 comments

Scott Williams jwilli16@san.rr.com
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 21:10:49 -0700

> Scott, please clean up your language or YOU should be off this list.  I
> believe that some people have to resort to such language to get their
> across.  Get out a thesaurus and learn some new words.

yet another Powderworker not getting that I don't want to discuss how bad
the US is or, after reading the last few posts, how wonderful the US
landscape is.  I know plenty of words.... but my astonishment and
frustration left me with what I said.  It's all I could muster up... that's
how drained that barrage left me.  Maybe it was a resort...... you back a
confused animal into a corner and that animal might resort to a few
aggressions and lash out.  That's my decision, Margaret....not yours, ok?
I'm not going to write a huge eloquent essay like everyone else seems like
they have to.... but once again, if you spew the Nazi and the
you-deserved-this crap, I might.... and did.... tell you to fuck off.
Period.  If you don't like it, hit delete.  I've been on this list for nine
years and this was my first outburst of profanity, so maybe that might tell
you something.  It's not that hard to delete a message, and no, I'm not
leaving when the going gets rough on this list.  And you certainly aren't
going to persuade me to leave..... be certain of that, Margaret.

As for the Midnight Oil content, no one has any comments about Peter's
October 8 comments?  Amazing.  I thought there would be a flood of ideas,
but everyone is still stuck on how awful America is or how great it is... or
my foul mouth.  One of those three.  I guess we have a more sensitive group
than when I first joined.  So I propose the question yet again..... what do
you think Peter meant by justice for the guilty on October 8, 2001?

   It is a great community, but as with any group,
> there are trolls and nitwits.  Unfortunately, this debate has brought a
lot of
> them out.

"trolls and nitwits"?  Margaret.....you said in just the last paragraph "I
can't believe how far this list has denigrated into name-calling".....
what's going on there?  In the next paragraph you start name-calling?
Wow....simply amazing.  As defensive as my posts were to Todd, I never
called him a name.  Go check.  I said 'f-- you'.  Profane?  yes...
Name-calling?  no.   I never said 'f---  you, Troll'.

Felipe said "So, might this lits be about Midnight Oil without politics?"
Well said, Felipe... everyone is so up tight about arguing the politics of
the world....like it's off-limits or something.  What does our favorite band
do?  It's part of why we are here.  It's not easy to talk about these days,
is it?   That's why the Nazi theories (Jonathan....you're going to have a
hard time living that one down) and the you-had-it-coming theories (even
harder to live down, Todd.... oh yeah, you're gone now) are so hurtful that
the list should have expected some serious repercussions.

Margaret.....you said "Do any of you think they would be pleased with us
calling each other obscenities, saying "good riddance" to long-time fans?"
Pleased?  No....  but are we trying to impress Midnight Oil with our Kum Ba
Yah sing-alongs where we are all smiling and holding hands, or are we
allowed to express ourselves individually?  Is Midnight Oil looking down
upon us, frowning on us when we have disagreements and, lately,
irreconcilable differences?   Standing up for what one believes in.....
doing what's right....compassion for others... equality for all peoples...
those are ideals that I think Midnight Oil would be pleased with.....not the
'can't we just get along' approach as you suggest.

Scott Williams