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[Powderworks] Re: Top 100 Guitarists...very sad

Varina Crisfield ghostie@snail-mail.net
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 13:21:09 -0400

I agree with Kate's comments on the subject. There is a definate bias 
towards hard rawkers, I don't see much consideration of any artists 
with a more mellow/quiet/laid-back style of guitar playing. I don't 
know much about playing the guitar but I DO know that there is more 
than one way to do so, and they don't seem to address this. 
One reason behind their choices may be the desire to choose artists 
that are "accessible" to the mainstream fan, ie, someone that most 
people will appreciate, or at the least, recognize. I'm sure that 
there are tons of great musicians in lesser known/indie groups, but 
who wants to read a list of unknown names? Just being the devil's 
advocate, folks.
Another sad thing is the complete lack of women...true, there are not 
so many female rockers as there are male, but to have none in the Top 
100? Goes to show that the music industry, while being open and 
progressive, remains rather sexist. I'd love to see more women 
rockers, if only to balance things out.

Back to lurking...


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