Midnight Oil

SV: [Powderworks] Truganini and the DVD

Bjorn Blomquist bjorn.blomquist@mbox301.swipnet.se
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 18:10:33 +0200

> In all the talk of Truganini mising from the DVD, what about the video for 
> Sometimes Live?

Sure it's missing too, but as the video clip for the studio version appears, I don't mind it that much. It's really not necessary with two clips of the same song - unless you are very interested in just the *video*. I think a "Truganini" live clip could sort of have made up for it, but there is no "Truganini" at all, that's the problem! A great song as that should of course be included on an Oils compilation, whether it's on disc or on video.