Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Total Guitar's top 100 guitarists (NMOC)

Craig Jacobson cjake@pipeline.com
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 08:32:35 -0400

Jussi Korhonen wrote:

> Here's the whole list...

These lists are so silly. Musicians must be considered in the context of 
both their band/group and material, as well as on their technical skills 
and the artistry of their playing.

I love the guitar playing of Messrs. Moginie & Rotsey, but to consider 
their playing on its own outside the context of the Oils is meaningless 
to me.

Besides, any list of "top guitarists" without Jerry Garcia is ludicrous!

So, back to listening to a great song from Calgary 2002 - one in which 
Moginie's _piano_ playing helps make the song ("who's running the world 

 - caj