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[Powderworks] Nazis and Taliban

Julian Shaw Julian Shaw" <julian@jlshaw.co.uk
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 23:14:43 +0100

Fair comment! Am I right in thinking they occurred under one of the most
progressive Presidents the US has ever had? I doubt very much that GWB would
have done the same. But fair comment - the US does do good. Although in fact
my point wasn't that the US never does any good, if  we wanted to do a tally
of conflicts and list the reasons why the US got involved I'm sure you would
want to drop the point that you are trying to make. The point is that when
the US acts extremely selfishly we should stand up and say so. Hypocrisy and
selfishness should be shouted down. I do it with my own government, which is
far from perfect, so I'm sure as hell going to do it to the US government.

Julian Lewis Shaw
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> Julian Shaw wrote:
> >...But the truth is that the US as a world player always acts in
> >it's best interest and very rarely in the interest of others...
> >
> 1.  Bosnia (where we defended the Muslim population)
> 2.  Somalia
> Virtually no direct U.S. interest in either case.
> And this is just in the last ten years or so.