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[Powderworks] Was the U.S. at fault for 9/11?

Dan Heaton dnheaton@yahoo.com
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 12:16:40 -0700 (PDT)

No, I don't believe that the U.S. deserves blame for
the actions on 9/11. 

However, I am extremely bothered by the attitudes of
some of our leaders, most notably Mr. Bush.  Instead
of discussing why so many countries dislike the U.S.
and its policies, they bottle it all down into a
"we're good, they're evil" idea. This view is far too

This is not a question of changing the tenets of the
country because of a terrorist act. However, the
current White House administration does push the "we
are better than the world" idea. They have ignored
pacts supported by nearly all of the other major
countries (Kyoto, for example) and then come up with
their own insulting plans instead.  Without even
getting into discussions of specific points, I believe
that Bush is not helping matters with this
condescending attitude.

The U.S. does perform many good deeds around the
world, but we must recognize that no country is
perfect and keep an open mind about our actions.  I am
worried by the suppressions of certain freedoms
spurred by Ashcroft and others after 9/11.  This is
not the solution at all.

Wow, this was my second post today.  This topic really
gets me going.  It's good to see a variety of
differing views, even if I disagree with some.


"Did I hear you say, my country right or wrong?"

> Sorry to disagree with you but I support the War on
> Terror 100%.  You 
> seriously cannot expect a President to sit back and
> do nothing when the 3,000 
> of his citizens were killed in a single attack. 
> While I may have some 
> diasgreements with Bush's economic policies, I think
> everyone would agree 
> with the fact that some intense action was needed. 
> Nothing in history can 
> even be compared to this.  NOTHING!
> Perhaps my vviews have been shaped by the fact I saw
> the second plane hit and 
> first tower fall before I left my office that day.
> Those images have been the 
> cause a few nightmares for me since. 
> The war has worked as well. While Al Quaeda may be
> still active, it is has 
> obviously been disrupted and it is much difficult
> for it to operate.
> I have gotten sick of many liberals that have said
> crap like it was the US's 
> fault 9/11 happened, etc.  Nobody deserves this.
> I am fully behind W on the War on Terror.  Now, as
> far as my 401k goes....
> Cheers
> Phil
> Bronx, NY

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