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Dan Heaton dnheaton@yahoo.com
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 06:27:52 -0700 (PDT)

Ian, I understand your point, but I disagree with its
sentiments. The attacks on 9/11 were hideous acts, but
it's not that simple when talking about the war on
terrorism.  The George Bush idea that we are "driving
off the evildoers" with this war is simplistic. We are
also fighting in a place where people who having
nothing to do with 9/11 live.  I'm not saying that
this war is completely unnecessary, but saying that
"the world would be better off witbout them" is tough.

On a more personal note, I went to the museum in
Hiroshima on September 10th last fall, and its
saddening effects are with me every day. Since i'm
only 26 and was not around during World War II, it's
difficult for me to criticize the decision to drop the

However, the devastation that it wrought is
unbelievable. Seeing the awful pictures and hearing
the comments of the survivors really put a human face
on that terrible day. You'll never look at atomic
warfare or any other type the same way after going to
this museum.

I don't see a large connection with dropping the bomb
in 1945 and the war on terrorism. I don't think the
world was better off without the countless Japanese
victims of the atomic bomb.

Sorry to ramble, but this is an interesting topic.


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> Well said!
> I mean who started the whole thing?
> If that didn't happen i wonder would we be around
> now? Would our countries be free?
> I for one would not have liked to have had to make
> the desicion to use the bomb, the main thing is that
> we got the result we needed and if that's the
> price of freedom then so be it!
> It's not unlike the war we are fighting now against
> terrorism the enemy are similar in that they have no
> respect for life and frankly the world would
> be better off without them!
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