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[Powderworks] Songs Played Live - Or Not

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Thu, 1 Aug 2002 17:50:14 -0500

I did ask Martin this at the Chicago shows in May, I think Adam and Indi
were there to witness his answer. When I asked if they ever played Naked
Flame, Bells and Horns, and some of the more less known Oils tracks he
simply said definitely, at some point while they were working it out they
would have played it. No I can't imagine them ever playing Kolelei Mai and
some probably never Bakerman but didn't ask about such strange tunes as


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> Howdy
> Something I forgot to ask Jim. What Oils songs have never been played live
> These are the ones I can think of straight off. Have not even thought of
> b-sides though.
> Kolelo Mai
> The Great Gibber Plain
> Bells & Horns
> Bakerman
> In The Rain
> Barest Degree
> Gravelrash
> Food for thought anyway.
> Cheers
> Mark Nash
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