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[Powderworks] 20,000 Thoughts D.V.D.

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott@iinet.net.au
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 18:15:22 +0800

At 31-07-02 08:04 PM -0700, Spirit of wrote:

>1. Whatever happened to Peter Gifford? I didn't realize just how far
>he went with The Oils. I thought he left much earlier, right after 10
>to 1. Was his split from the band a mutual decision? Did he walk out?
>Fired? Go to a different project/band? I've never really heard the
>real story. I know that Rob mentions (on the DVD) their being dropped
>by their record label and there being alot of rage within the group.
>Was this a contributor?

The story as I understand it:

Giffo replaced Andrew "Bear" James on bass in 1980, when James decided it 
was time to grow up and get a real job in a bank or something.

Giffo played on the Bird Noises ep and was in the band until and including 
the recording of Diesel and Dust.  After that album was recorded, he 
decided he'd had enough of the rigours of touring and the effects it was 
having on his health (I believe he's asthmatic) so he retired from the band 
quite amicably and was replaced by Bones Hillman.  (There's a funny story 
about Bones nearly missing his chance to join the Oils, but that's another 

So when you watch the videos, you'll see that Giffo appears in the Dead 
Heart (filmed at the start of the Balckfella Whitefella tour in 1986), Beds 
and Weapon clips, while Bones appears in Dreamworld miming to Giffo's 
playing on the record.

Giffo made a couple of guest appearances on albums by the Warumpi Band and 
Neil Murray over the next couple of years, and is currently living in Byron 
Bay selling swimwear.  At one stage he was playing with a local band, but 
I'm not sure if he still does that.

He played with the Oils again one night in 2000, pictures of which can be 
found at http://oilpics.cjb.net on the "Giffo" page.  Can't remember what 
songs he played on, one of them was Best fo Both Worlds.  No doubt someone 
here will know the others.  There's also a shot of him with a bunch of 
Powderworkers on the main page called "bandandfans.jpg".

>2. Was anyone on this mailing list an actual live witness to any of
>the spectacular live footage on this disc? Particularly the Capitol
>Theatre and Sydney Harbor shows? If so, you have you have my severe
>jealousy. :)

not me, unfortunately!  But the TV broadcast of Oils On The Water was one 
of my earliest Oils experiences ad probably went a long way to cementing 
their place in my brain.  I still love wathcing that show.

>3. Why was the video for Truganni not included? Very sad.

No idea.  I don't think I've even seen that one.