Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] 20,000 Thoughts D.V.D.

Spirit of spiritof@rebelscum.net
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 20:04:09 -0700

Hey all,

Heavy reader of this list, very seldom do I ever reply, but I have
fuel for my fire, so to speak.

I FINALLY received my MO DVD on Friday and watched it, for the most
part, all weekend long. This an absolute gem of a DVD for a fan that
hasn't seen 90% of the stuff on this disc, and the 10% I have seen, I
havn't seen in 10+ years. The last "new" Oil's video I can remember
seeing is "Outbreak of Love" about 9 years ago (has it been that

My earliest memory of The Oils is "The Power and The Passion" video.
The last time I saw this video was probably close to 20 years ago. It
was a bit of a shock to see just how "80's" that video looks now, but
man what a enjoyable flashback. I don't know what a 12 year old
midwestern American kid saw in them way back then, but it stuck. I
actually got a couple of odd stares from my Mom and Pop when I sat
them down and asked, "Do you remember this?". All my Mom said
was, "Well, you always were a little different as a kid."

Like I said, Read About It, Dreamworld, Blue Sky Mine, Bedlam Bridge,
hell even Redneck Wonderland, I've never seen before, at all, in the
states. Add that to all the GREAT live footage and the interviews
(which I could have stood alot more of) made me feel 10 years
younger. A very sweet package, that I thank the Oils/Sony for bring
across the big pond.

Now on to a few questions, that I'm sure some of the super hardcore
fans will be able answer in a dead heartbeat.

1. Whatever happened to Peter Gifford? I didn't realize just how far
he went with The Oils. I thought he left much earlier, right after 10
to 1. Was his split from the band a mutual decision? Did he walk out?
Fired? Go to a different project/band? I've never really heard the
real story. I know that Rob mentions (on the DVD) their being dropped
by their record label and there being alot of rage within the group.
Was this a contributor?

2. Was anyone on this mailing list an actual live witness to any of
the spectacular live footage on this disc? Particularly the Capitol
Theatre and Sydney Harbor shows? If so, you have you have my severe
jealousy. :)

3. Why was the video for Truganni not included? Very sad.

I can't recommend this DVD more. A real prize for any Oil's fan. 


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