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[Powderworks] Old (10/01) Review

Randy Van Vliet bigdaddyrv@yahoo.com
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 10:40:53 -0700 (PDT)

As I was looking for stuff for Brian, I came across
this review of last October's show.  Some of the facts
are wrong, but very enthusiastic!

Randy (what, 3 posts in one day?)  


TOUR DIARY – San Francisco, 10/11/01:
With their latest effort, Capricornia, in the can and
due for release in the New Year, veteran Aussie
rockers Midnight Oil are currently on tour in America
with a few scattered dates in Canada. 

Their music hit American ears at the same time that
Mad Max hit our screens. For a while there, everything
cool was from Australia. There have been just a few
personnel changes from the beginning with
seven-footer, lead singer Peter Garrett the leader of
the pack.  A favorite of "Late Night," host Dave
Letterman's take is “doesn't that guy look like he
could just go off any second?" Last Thursday on the
stage of The Fillmore, he did just that.

"Long time, no see! Long time, NO DANCE!" is how Peter
greeted one of the loudest crowds in Fillmore memory.
A sold-out show made up of mostly men, working men,
just like the five men in the band, cheered all 16
songs in the 1 1/2 hour set. As Peter the Great did
his jumping jagged dance, the people chanted along
with all the hits from the songbook, "Beds are
Burning" (which was #3 on Aussie's all time greatest
songs ever) and their biggest single, "Blue Sky Mine,"
which they personally sang for the Exxon Corporation
one eighties morning. The Oil kicked off the set with
"Redneck Wonderland," title cut from the '98 release
of the same name. Famished fans wanted to hear the new
stuff and got it with "Golden Age" from the not yet
released Capricornia. Here's a break, already the
T-shirts with the Golden Calf and "Golden Age" were on
sale at the merchandise booth. Coolest shirt of the
year (so far).

Ever the Greenies, their official website has a link
to the ACF, Australia Conservation Foundation, kinda
like our Sierra Club. And the Australian Post Service
has issued a commemorative stamp in their honor. The
Power and The Passion. Take that, INXS!

--Victoria Jane Joyce, Clear Channel/San Francisco


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