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[Powderworks] Vermont Show Color Commentary

Jess chosarou@yahoo.com
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 19:38:41 -0700 (PDT)

--- Kate Adams <kate@dnki.net> wrote:
> Glitch mused:
> >Yeah, no kidding!  Some people we were standing
> near said they thought this
> >was a "fill-in" concert - just to pass the time so
to speak.
> My suspicion:  The Vermont set was in the middle of
> nowhere, which made it 
> equidistant and a few hours drive from any number of
> "somewheres": > -Kate
Of course, there's always the possibility that someone
went back to the archives and counted the number of
times Glitch and I begged "please please please come
to Vermont"...

Well, it wasn't the greatest choice in venues, Peter
looked uncomfortable not having room to dance- said it
was the smallest stage they'd ever been on... and I
think the quote of the night was:  "Where did all you
people come from? This place is like a ghost town."  

(Off season at the ski area, nothing but empty hotels
and pavement. All you fans of golf courses, don't get
me started)

But it was a Great show. In such a small space you got
the disconcerting sensation that the band was dancing
With you rather than for you.  
We got at least one new convert among the nightclub
staff- he was sitting on the front of the stage
watching the audience, and would jump up every few
minutes to look around for the source of the cannabis
fumes wafting by...  And then he'd turn and watch the
stage (blocking my view. ah, well) 

OH! and may I be the first to say how nice Jim looks
with his new haircut- a great improvement. Those of us
who don't see him every week may have to squint to
tell him apart from the band's chief drover/coddler,
though.  (who is that guy?)

OK, enough drivel from me- my brother and I sat up
until 3AM just giggling, and I guess I've still got a
ways to come down. 

I may have to go to New York City after all...


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