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[Powderworks] Plainview, NY show

Hutter Brian Brian.Hutter@lpnt.net
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 15:21:22 -0500


Are you kidding me?  When was the last time MO visited Long Island?  I used
to live on LI but now live in Tennessee.  I am flying over to LI on Saturday
to visit family and friends and will be there at the Sunday night concert.
I am a NY Islanders fan still (and a Nashville Predators fan also) but a MO
fan first before any team or band. See you at the NYC shows next month. Go

Nashville, TN

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> I was going to go up until a few minutes ago when it was confirmed that I
> will be unable to attend. See, I have Islanders playoff (National Hockey
> League for those who may not know what I am talking about) tickets for a
> game that was to be determined. Well, it ended up being Game 6 of the
> series and after today's Islander win, Game 6 is guaranteed so I will be
> going there instead with my father. 
> I did  just pick up a pair of tickets for the Bowery Ballroom show so I do
> not feel as bad now. 
> Cheers 
> Phil