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[Powderworks] Re: [Powderworks]NMOC: Just had to share some news...

Kate Adams kate@dnki.net
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 21:18:42 -0400

At 11:39 AM 4/23/02 -0400, Rhonda wrote:
>Hey workies,
>Just found out yesterday I've been accepted into York University
>(Toronto) to start working toward my masters degree in Environmental
>Studies, and am still bouncing off the ceiling!  I wouldn't bother
>posting something like this here, but the Oils were a big source of
>inspiration for me to apply to go back to school again and try to make a
>difference.  20,000 Watt RSL roaring in my ears gave me that little
>extra nudge I needed! ;-)
>Wish me luck!
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You rock Rhonda!

I put together a fellowship application to the US EPA just after the last 
Oils visit to Boston ... and played Sometimes over and over since the band 
dedicated it to folk like us.  The funny irony was that I went to print the 
lyrics and paste them into my folder of notes and ran across a documentary, 
Red Fish/Blue Fish.  The filmmakers made extensive use of the music to 
round out their work about the environmental degradation of the Columbia 
Basin - a place where I spent my formative years - a place Oils music often 
takes me back to.

When I was taking the core occupational health courses for my department, 
I'd listen to Blue Sky Mine before every big exam or paper.  I still find 
inspiration in Oils music from time to time ... it often helps me clarify 
my thinking or get to the heart of what is really important to me in life 
and in the world.

Check out the Australia Conservation Foundation website ... they have an 
incredible amount of technical and policy stuff there.  I keep hitting it 
every time I google on an academic topic.

Best of Luck,

Kate Adams
Doctoral Student - Environmental Epidemiology
UMass Lowell

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