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[Powderworks] NMOC - France's presidential election (first round)

Mathieu BREVIERE mbreviere@cudl-lille.fr
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 14:06:15 +0200

That shows that we haven't got the same sensibility about Europe and
European Union. I don't know what is the exact reason of your (not for you
Björn, but for most of Swedish) "europhobia", is it simply for the so much
developped environment sensibility of scandinavian countries or for larger
sensibilites like economy, "nationalism" in the good sense of this term.

I suppose that André and me haven't got the same perspective and vision of
european development than you.
I think that André was shocked like most of French by terms of Lepen, but
that just a detail of his "nutsing" if you know what I mean...

Lepen had also said that concentrations' camp in the third reich in germany
are details !!!

I suppose that you are shoked in spite of our different sensibility.

Mathieu who hope that his english is quite good to explain his purpose ...
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> And in the meantime he has proven that he's completely nuts as the first
> points on his agenda are apparently a) leaving the European single
> currency and b) leaving the European Union itself.

Those two points sound very sane to me. There are parties in Sweden as well,
particularly the "green" party, that don't like our membership of the
European Union and most of all want us to leave it. That opinion doesn't
make them "right-wing" or "fascists".
So if this is what makes Le Pen "nuts", then I'm nuts too.