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[Powderworks] Review from Orlando - misconceptions

Darren Goddard daznsam@webone.com.au
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 11:20:58 +1000

Hi all,

 Someone should let Mr Willie Williams know that in Australia we don't drink
Fosters, worst beer on the market, that's why we export it elsewhere ;-).
We save all the good stuff Crown Lager, Cascade Pale, James Boag Premium,
Coopers, Extra-Dry etc etc for ourselves ;-)



> By Chris Willie Williams
> Published 2/20/02
> You certainly can't complain that this formula isn't effective on
"Capricornia". If anything, songs like "Golden Age" and "Been Away Too Long"
are as refreshing as a cold Foster's on a hot outback day.