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[Powderworks] Au revoir...

Jeff McLean jeffmof@replicant.apana.org.au
Thu, 18 Apr 2002 07:48:39 +1000

G'day All,

Some of you may remember that in 1998 I returned from a tricycle trip
that took me cycling right across Asia and Europe from Vietnam to
England, and at the end I spat out a book and settled into normal life

Well, it didn’t last long.

On the 31st of May, I’m setting off again. I’ll be starting with a
holiday with the family in Europe for June / July, and catching up with
a few people.   Then I’ll be taking my trike to Africa (Mali, Burkina
Faso, Togo and Benin) for August / September and getting some footage
for a film / documentary about the goodness and beauty of people in
‘scary’, lesser known countries (especially concentrating on Islamic
countries which have copped an unfair beating since the horrid events of
last year).

Finally, in October / November, I will return to Australia overland via
Turkey, Iran, (possibly Pakistan depending upon safety) and India, to
see those people in the villages and cities which helped me so
wonderfully on the first trip.

For this reason I will be removing myself from the powderworks list in a
couple of days time. I’ll miss you all – the last four years (and year
and a bit before I went away the first time) have been great.  Easily my
favourite mailing list, and I hope to still catch up on the archives
from time to time to see what this great family is arguing about.
Special cheerios to Trav, Justin, Nathan, Damian, Geordie and Bruce, for
always being entertaining and informative and damned good value.

For any of you that do want to keep up on the African progress, my
website is http://au.geocities.com/oilsbloke (and, of course, you can
always get one of the books there too :) ) and my new (old) e-mail
is midoilfan@hotmail.com.  I will always be pleased to receive any
correspondence and will endeavour to get back to mails as soon as

If any of you want to catch up with me anywhere, go to the website and
find out where I’ll be at any one time and hopefully our paths can

Jeff McLean

“We must remind ourselves that we are a part of a system, a body.  We
should not let ourselves become a cancer.”
Todd – oils fan and powderworker…