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[Powderworks] Breaking of the Dry

pete.poitras@the-spa.com pete.poitras@the-spa.com
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 10:05 +0100

Would LOVE to hear a recording of the Breaking of the Dry show in 95.  Sort of like the Holy Grail in my musical experience.  Any help or guidance would be appreciated.  :-)

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>> I can't believe 
>> someone saw the 
>> Oils and the hunnas in the same gig. Now that would be 
>> heaven.
>We were lucky enough here in Oz to not only see the Oils & Hunnas together
>in one gig, but also Crowded House !!!
>It was on the Breaking of the Dry tour of the east coast in 1995. They
>played the Syd Ent Cent and totally blew us away. First the Hunnas, then CH,
>followed by the Oils. Pretty decent line up huh ?
>The Oils & Hunnas have always had an affinity. On the final Hunnas tour in
>1997, Jim  & Martin actually joined them on stage at Parramatta Leagues for
>Know Your Product & Do You See What I See.
>Currently listening to Silverchair's new album Diorama. Now this is a
>"concept" album if there ever was one. And what an amazing album it is too
>!! A kind of morphing between rock'n'roll & a symphony orchestra (rock opera
>perhaps ?). Daniel Johns has really matured in his composing & songwriting
>skills, which is a feat in itself considering he is only 22 !!
>He must have spent some quality time with Jim Moginie.....who contributes
>keyboard & piano on 2 tracks - The Greatest View & One Way Mule.
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