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Talking about Giffo!
I was up at Byron Bay recently and went to Wicked Weasel (his shop) to get a few album covers signed
and had a really good chat with him!
He is a really nice guy and really plays down his Oils status, saying that he was just a bit of a
thrasher who preferred to play the older style heavier bass style songs the Oils used to play, he
doesn't seem to like the jingle jangle guitary type songs saying that "Martin & Jim started putting
to much guitar in" while he preffered the harder heavier bass style. Not that that was the reason he
left or anything, he just said that by the end of the recording of Diesel and the Black Fella White
Fella tour he was feeling stressed and run down and just wanted to settle down.
He descibed Jim and Rob as a Lennon/McCartney type duo with amazing song writing ability and told me
that Diesel was one of his favourite albums.
When i asked him about his input into the songs one interesting thing he told me was about how when
writing 'Best of Both Worlds' they originally played the chorus at the beginning and the chorus as
the body of the song and Giffo said when he was listening to it being played was thinking to himself
that doesn't sound right it's upside down and advised them to try it the other way around which they
did and that was the way it was recorded!
Another time he said that they were on a farm and Martin was mucking around with the Bass guitar and
Giffo could hear this progression that he had from outside in the paddock, so he quickly came back
and said that sounds really good and they ended up using it in a song (though i can't remember which
one) it may have been Beds!
While i was in the shop shop chatting he had his stereo on tuned to the local station and you
wouldn't guess it but 'Lurijta Way' came on to which i said "Speak of the Devil" and he said "Is
this one of the new tracks" and he then turned it up and had a bit of a listen, though my Fiancee
and i both got the impression that it wasn't the style of music he preffered to play, though he did
say that Bones has a good voice and has a different style to himself.
He also said that drums were his second instrument but rarely plays at all these days saying that "I
make bikin's now" he reckons he made a little bit of money with the Oils but not a lot and spent a
bit as well and is now happy just to have a business which pays good wages and puts three meals a
day on the table, he also said that he wasn't really into the political side of things like Pete is
and preffered to keep out of that side of things, though he still catches up when they are in town!
Anyway thought you would like to hear that! It was great to meet him as he was my favourite member
of the band when i started getting into them in the mid eighties and i had been told he was a really
laid back typical Aussie type bloke and that is definately the way he came across to me. You would
never think to talk to him that he played in probably the best Aussie band ever!


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on 4/11/02 12:41 PM, Jess at chosarou@yahoo.com wrote:

> We need you for the group bikini
> photo at Gifford Woods State Park!

in honor or giffo? would fit in perfectly for his store! "the ladies of
powderworks" - we could turn it into a calendar to degrade ourselves even



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