Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC - Tim Winton, Blunt

Geordie McMillan geordie_mcmillan@hotmail.com
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 08:11:18 +1000


Dirt Music is, like many of Tim Winton's other books, is set somewhere on 
the Western Australian coast north of Perth, in one of those fictional 
rugged seaside fishing towns where everything is salt affected. I couldn't 
really describe it adequately for you but it mainly involves the topics of 
love and complex interpersonal relationships in a small town.

'Blunt', if not available at decent music/book shops in the UK, is available 
on-line at www.whammo.com.au. The author, Bob Blunt, ran a fanzine in Sydney 
from about 1983 to 1993/4 called 'Blunt' and mainly focussed on the thriving 
independent music scene in Sydney from that time, with chapters of the book 
also devoted to Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. This book contains 
interviews and stories from the fanzine and is highly recommended.



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