Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] The song wheel

Tari, Vince fstariv1@NMHG.com
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 18:17:46 -0500

> typically, the wheel was used only two or three times for the 
> night.  the 
> big exception being it's final appearance, where i believe the entire 
> setlist came from spinning the wheel.
> jeff...

I can vouch for that Jeff. It was the last show of the RW tour at Parramatta
Leagues in August 1998 when the wheel was "retired". On that tour, the
setlist was split in two, first half was best of, second half was just RW
played almost in it's entirety, give or take one or two tracks.

We walked in during the support act (Pale Riders in think it was....bit of a
hoe-down band.....yeee-haaaa!!) and did our usual inspection of the Oils'
setlist at the mixing desk. Much to our dismay, the setlist only had  the RW
component written on it. We thought geez, that's an unusually short set for
the Oils. So we asked the sound guy what the go was, and his reply was "oh
don't worry, you won't be disappointed".

Sure enough, he was right. The Oils came on and PG announced that this being
the last show of the RW tour, they'd be spinning the wheel for the entire
first set (thus no need for a setlist !!), which lasted for about an hour.
There were PG spins, Bones spins, audience member spins....even Rob had a
go. It was just classic after classic. 

Unfortunately, i don't have the setlist, but it was the the only time i've
ever seen a band perform without a setlist,  and easily the best display of
improvised, spontaneous music i've ever experienced.