Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils personal details - reply

Geordie McMillan geordie_mcmillan@hotmail.com
Tue, 09 Apr 2002 20:42:12 +1000

After reading a variety of opinions on this current thread, I would like to 
reply to a few of the themes and issues raised by other Powderworkers.

For starters, in no way, shape or form was I deliberately patronising anyone 
on this list. I hope Bruce particularly realises that the USA and Canada, 
not to mention the rest of the world, have been relatively starved of Oils 
shows in the past decade in comparison to Australian audiences. For this 
reason, and this reason only, did I sincerely wish that all other 'workers 
in the States and Canada have a great time at the current series of shows.

I also realise that the Oils' personal details such as D.O.B. and marital 
status can be gleaned from widespread publications and therefore, could be 
considered as 'harmless' public knowledge but really, does it make any 
difference if someone is 44 or 45 years old? It's the songs, the lyrics and 
overall, the message that matters.

I guess my main bone of contention with this thread is the alarming 
consistency that the minutiae of the band's existence is brought up. Instead 
of going back over these details, let's change the topic to something new, 
MO related or otherwise. I thought we were dynamic people supporting a 
dynamic band.

Apathy is a dangerous virus and it's spreading rapidly through the world. We 
can't let it get a footing in this otherwise invaluable forum that is 
available to us.



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