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[Powderworks] NMOC: ticketbastard.com

Geoffrey Holland geoff13@shaw.ca
Mon, 08 Apr 2002 19:19:29 -0700

Eddie Vedder? Is that really you? ;o)

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> Hi,
> To all of you who are yet to buy tickets - please do your best to
> not buy through the above-mentioned pack of !@#$s. 
> 10am Sun., SF tickets go on sale. I am at my PC logged in to their
> site. clicking "find tickets" and getting a "too busy - hit refersh"
> (they did say please) message. Did that half a dozen time and the
> bastards come back and say "it seems you have violated our terms of
> use and we have locked you out of the system". couldn't even log
> out. kept trying and eventually was able to find tickets. click
> "submit" (and while the hourglass is on, I am naively thinking "this
> cannot get any worse") and guess what - "could not load your billing
> info (which I have entered 10 min. ago) enter it manually". I could
> have let even this slide except the only thing on the screen was a
> "back" icon.
> All the while I was also trying to call them on 3 diff. numbers. All
> I got was "all circuits are busy - try again".
> I can take the ridiculous surcharges and the shitty web site but it
> drives me insane to get treated like this and not have a choice. So
> for those of you who do have a choice - please don't give them your
> business.
> Miron
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