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[Powderworks] Oils personal details

fish_oil@space.com fish_oil@space.com
Sun, 07 Apr 2002 14:56:08 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 06 April 2002, "Geordie McMillan" wrote

> I don't mean to sound like a complete prick but...why
does there seem to be 
> a recurring theme on this list about the personal
lives of the band?

I'll forgive you, as long as you weren't pouting with
hands on hips when you frothed this post out. Of course
I (and others) are interested in WHO the oils are -
exactly what is your problem with that? Some  kind of
mythological sense of personal privacy? Or are you the
self appointed single handed saviour of the bands'
personal space? Can you tell I really didn't like your

> of the band but I don't think that their dates of
birth, marital status, 
> offspring, etc., are particularly relevant to

Key words : YOU don't think it's relevent. When I tell
my friends about the band, I like to tell them who they
are. It lends credibility to what they say. And it may
help to contextualize their work. If these guys were
some psycho-pervert-shitzoids, I wouldn't be putting
$20 of my family's hard earned cash into their pockets,
regardless of how 'good' they were musically. And I
certainly wouldn't be recommending them to my kids,
friends, students, etc

> Please realise that I do not begrudge more recent
members to this list the 
> opportunity to enquire about the less public aspects
of the Oils, but their 
> personal lives are theirs, and ours are to keep to

This sounds terribly patronizing. I've appreciated some
of the personal info gleanded from this list, as well
as all the other info about gigs, gear, lyrics, etc.

> Hope everyone in the States and Canada enjoys the

Thanks. Sorry if my tone is a bit 'screedy.' Your posts
have always been enjoyable, Geordie mon. And I'm not
suggesting we turn this list into a slathering fan
club. But being one that's asked about the bands'
personal lives and spiritual beliefs in an effort to
make sense of who, what and why the Oils are, I felt
compelled to respond.

No hard feelings, eh?


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