Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Australia

Janice Coleman jec_coleman@hotmail.com
Sat, 06 Apr 2002 21:47:01 -0500

Hello all,
I apologize if I am using powderworks for this question, but it's my only 
link to anyone in Australia.

Has anyone read the book The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes?  It is about the 
founding of Australia.  I am reading it now and I am rather intrigued by it. 
  I was wondering if it is relatively unbiased.  A lot of American history 
books are biased towards how wonderful we are.  In school, we didn't learn a 
whole heck of a lot about how the Native Americans were treated (that would 
make us look too bad).

I have ordered a copy of the book "Capricornia".  The new CD sparked my 


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