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[Powderworks] (LMOC - t-shirts) Not to be rude...

Gerald McDowell goatboy@mchsi.com
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 13:56:28 -0600

Hello all,

Sorry if I'm clogging up the list with this, but I've been getting email 
almost daily on the subject of t-shirts.

Please note that I am **not** doing any more t-shirts any time soon.  I 
realize that people might be interested because of the tour and all, but 
that's why I went ahead and did another round back in February.  I gave 
everybody plenty of notice as to the details then, and I thought that I had 
made it clear that it was last call, but it looks like I was wrong on that.  
My appologies if I inadvertanly did anything to mislead anybody otherwise.  
If and when I do any more shirts, I'll let everybody on the list know well in 
advance, though it'll probably be a new design.

I do want to thank everybody who had kind words to say about the finished 
product and especially those who had good things to say during the 
mini-controversy surrounding the design itself.  Overall, it's been a pretty 
good experience printing the shirts and I'll probably do more in the future 
if there's enough interest.  It was fun to actually get to print something I 
*liked* at work instead of (IMHO, hideous) t-shirts to help college students 
remember where they live.

No, sadly, that isn't a joke (although it does make me chuckle now and again).


(*formerly* goat9@home.com)