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[Powderworks] MEN AT WORK (NMOC)

fluw fluwdot@earthlink.net
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 22:18:25 -0600

well i don't know about the broken up part but they are probably not touring
soon...for i witnessed a killer solo ( overkill was amazing!!) colin hay
performance last month in austin tejas.


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> Men at Work might have just been taking a break? I never heard they'd
split up.   Last I heard MAW were having hug success overseas in Brazil?
> MAW have had some amazing albums in the past.  I'm pretty sure if they are
still together, they're playing the same songs as always just to different
> I haven't heard of them putting out another album...but I wish they would
> MAW are/were amazing but the Oils shit all over them!
> >>> "Dale Ortiz" <dancingtoad69@hotmail.com> 04/05/02 12:17pm >>>
> All three bands performed at the 2000 Olympics. The commentators said that
Men At Work were getting back together... I think... Have they? If so, which
I doubt, do they have plans for a new album, or tour? Is it all the original
members?  It would be cool if MAW toured w/ OIL. Get more from the Web.
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