Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] MEN AT WORK (NMOC)

Megan Fitzgerald MeganF@diabetesnsw.com.au
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 12:46:08 +1000

Men at Work might have just been taking a break? I never heard they'd split up.   Last I heard MAW were having hug success overseas in Brazil?

MAW have had some amazing albums in the past.  I'm pretty sure if they are still together, they're playing the same songs as always just to different audiences.  
I haven't heard of them putting out another album...but I wish they would !

MAW are/were amazing but the Oils shit all over them!  

>>> "Dale Ortiz" <dancingtoad69@hotmail.com> 04/05/02 12:17pm >>>
All three bands performed at the 2000 Olympics. The commentators said that Men At Work were getting back together... I think... Have they? If so, which I doubt, do they have plans for a new album, or tour? Is it all the original members?  It would be cool if MAW toured w/ OIL. Get more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer download : http://explorer.msn.com