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[Powderworks] Instant Karma & other covers + new singers

rick rickysan@speedlink.com.au
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 02:21:54 +1000

             Yeah it's a shame they neglect Fossil when they play live.It's
got some great songs on it.
        Although if they play songs off that what songs are they going to
drop?The spies are one of my favourite bands but the variety in their set
lists over the last few years has been dreadful.I think i've seen them do
the exact same set list about the last 5 times i've seen them.Which i see
will be in about 3 weeks when they play 2 gigs in Sydney(you little beauty).


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> Lloydy,
> The bad blood is between Bloxus and Spargo , not Paul and Spargo ,
> that's why Paul drums in the Wheelers with Spargo.
> You right about some of the songs though off Fossil , I reckon it's
> a good album myself , at least they tried new things and it didn't come
> off 100% , but they gave it a shot.
> Cheers mate.