Midnight Oil

Fwd: RE: [Powderworks] B-Sides (And Bastards) and question!

Tari, Vince fstariv1@NMHG.com
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 17:03:41 -0600

Stephen Scott wrote ;
>My ears are pricking up. Now maybe this was just an April 
> fool, but I received the msgs 
> after 1230, so it doesn't count. What is this about the Oils 
> playing Silent Night (not the 
> carol....please!) and Atomic Electric.

True story....they opened up with it........here's the setlist from the gig.
Being so close to Xmas, it was quite fitting that they played it actually.
And they played a cover of Rebecca's Empire Atomic Electric a few times on
the 1996 Breathe tour.

Sun 22nd  Dec 1996 Selinas  Sydney

Silent Night
Read About it
US Forces
Sins of Ommision
Lucky Country
Wedding Cake Island
King of the Mountain
One Country
My Country
Beds Are Burning
Surfs up Tonight
Only the Strong
Common Ground
Blue Sky Mine
Surfing with a Spoon/Powderworks