Midnight Oil


Jeff McLean jeffmof@replicant.apana.org.au
Wed, 03 Apr 2002 07:34:50 +1000

Mathias Hermansson wrote:

> >Pink Floyd went from Sid Barrett (who went insane from rugs), to >Roger
> >Waters, to another dude, whose name escapes me at the moment.
> David Gilmoure, who was their guitar player from the start (I think) and
> also bacame the lead singer when Roger Waters left/was sacked. "Division
> Bell" Runs in my stereo in this very moment. Great album.

ok.....crikey, i can't believe i'm writing this.... if i had ONE desert island
CD - one that i had to pick to evoke nostalgia, and the strongest emotions - it
could only be the division bell.  one of the greatest cd's of all time IMHO.
and only few people know of the music.  of course, the oils are waaaaaaaaaaay
above anything else on my playlist, but the division bell is such a beautiful

cheers all,