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[Powderworks] NMOC: Iron Maiden

Jonathan Hart midnightoil@shaw.ca
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Paul Di'anno left/was pushed out of Iron Maiden due to big problems with
alcohol.  The rest, as they say, is history!


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Hey Stephen et al.,

>I agree with what Dave is saying. I was just using Genesis & Van Halen as
>examples. My
>point was that Genesis were an awful lot more popular with their
>replacement singer,
>which in my opinion is unfortunate as Peter Gabriel was a better

Ok, we're agreed. Just seemed you were ignoring the Gabriel era, which is
the only Genesis you'll ever catch me listened to (unless some idiot at work
has the radio on- although that would technically be just hearing).

>Van Halen. I don't think any of their incarnations were really any good.

Again, agreed!

>Another group with multiple lead singers is Iron Maiden. Again, I am not a
>fan of them,
>but they were at their most popular with their second singer Bruce
>Dickenson. I think
>their first singer, Robert Di'annio (not sure about the name),
>died....though I'm not sure

close... Paul Di'anno, but he appears to still be alive... no details here
of why he left. BTW, I must stress that I too am not an Iron Maiden fan in
any way, shape or form, I just have a copy of the Rolling Stone Rock 'n'
Roll Encyclopedia & figure I might as well use it, even to spread knowledge
about stupid bands.

Let's hope
>the job is never EVER given to Phil Collins or Sting. They might as well
>let Boyzone or
>N*sync do it.