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[Powderworks] Re:New lead singers

Geoffrey Holland geoff13@shaw.ca
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 19:08:29 -0800

The original singer of Iron Maiden had an alcohol problem, if memory serves.
Guess they figured they'd dump him before he pulled a Bon Scott on them or

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> Hey Stephen et al.,
> >I agree with what Dave is saying. I was just using Genesis & Van Halen as
> >examples. My
> >point was that Genesis were an awful lot more popular with their
> >replacement singer,
> >which in my opinion is unfortunate as Peter Gabriel was a better
> >singer/performer.
> Ok, we're agreed. Just seemed you were ignoring the Gabriel era, which is
> the only Genesis you'll ever catch me listened to (unless some idiot at
> has the radio on- although that would technically be just hearing).
> >Van Halen. I don't think any of their incarnations were really any good.
> Again, agreed!
> >Another group with multiple lead singers is Iron Maiden. Again, I am not
> >fan of them,
> >but they were at their most popular with their second singer Bruce
> >Dickenson. I think
> >their first singer, Robert Di'annio (not sure about the name),
> >died....though I'm not sure
> >why.
> close... Paul Di'anno, but he appears to still be alive... no details here
> of why he left. BTW, I must stress that I too am not an Iron Maiden fan in
> any way, shape or form, I just have a copy of the Rolling Stone Rock 'n'
> Roll Encyclopedia & figure I might as well use it, even to spread
> about stupid bands.
> Let's hope
> >the job is never EVER given to Phil Collins or Sting. They might as well
> >let Boyzone or
> >N*sync do it.
> *Guffaw*
> Cheers,                                  Dave
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