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[Powderworks] Re:New lead singers

Janice Coleman jec_coleman@hotmail.com
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 16:04:54 -0500

I haven't been totally keeping up with this conversation, so I apologize if 
what I am saying is redundant.  But -- there is no way the Oils could be the 
Oils without PG.  His voice and movements are too unique.  He's been with 
the band for over 25 years -- you just can't replace that.  I know the rest 
of the band could form another band with a musical sound that's similar -- I 
see lots of similarities with Ghostwriters.  But, they wouldn't be Midnight 

>From: Stephen Scott <nornirn@lycos.co.uk>
>To: powderworks@cs.colorado.edu
>Subject: [Powderworks] Re:New lead singers
>Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 12:34:41 -0700 (MST)
>Hi there,
>I agree with what Dave is saying. I was just using Genesis & Van Halen as 
>examples. My
>point was that Genesis were an awful lot more popular with their 
>replacement singer,
>which in my opinion is unfortunate as Peter Gabriel was a better 
>singer/performer. As for
>Van Halen. I don't think any of their incarnations were really any good. 
>The only 2 songs
>I liked were from the Hagar era, but my point was they were still selling 
>millions even
>with a new voice. As for Dale Ryder from Boom Crash Opera taking over in 
>INXS, I think
>he would have been a close second choice. I don't know what he is doing 
>now, but I am
>sure he would have jumped at the chance. Boom Crash Opera have 5 albums 
>which are all highly recommended if you like INXS. Email me off list if you 
>want any
>more details.
>Another group with multiple lead singers is Iron Maiden. Again, I am not a 
>fan of them,
>but they were at their most popular with their second singer Bruce 
>Dickenson. I think
>their first singer, Robert Di'annio (not sure about the name), 
>died....though I'm not sure
>why. Then after Dickenson left, they didn't do so well with a 3rd singer. 
>Then a la Van
>Halen, Brucie boy came back, and now they are (inexplicably) back in the UK 
>top ten.
>Anyway....here's hoping the Oils never have to make a decision like that. 
>The only
>people that could take over from Peter would be either Rob or Jim. Let's 
>just hope that
>the job is never EVER given to Phil Collins or Sting. They might as well 
>let Boyzone or
>N*sync do it.
>See youse
>"This is a mad house"
>Although I find these topics of INXS-Oils comparisons & new lead singers to
>be kinda silly, I gotta take Stephen & Dale to task on a few points:
>  Look at Genesis. Peter Gabriel was the first singer. They replaced him 
>Phil Collins,
>and the rest is history.
>The rest is history? I suppose Genesis were unknown before? While I'm not a
>huge fan of art-rock, I know many who are & its widely agreed by them as
>well as critics that Genesis' most enduring work is from the Peter Gabriel
>period (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway probably being the masterpiece).
>Its also worth mentioning that Collins fit in so well because he had been
>their drummer from the start.
>Yes, they sold more post-Gabriel, but being a fellow Oils fan I'm sure 
>agree a lasting message & influence on popular music is much more 
>  Look at Van Halen. After David Lee Roth fell foul of Mr. Van Halen, they
>brought in
>Sammy Hagar and went massive.
>Went massive? Again, dude, they were already huge. & again, both fans &
>critics agree that the best material is from the David Lee Roth era- & its
>the stuff the average joe remembers today. Go ahead, hum a VH tune (ok, if
>you're like me you consider this an unpleasant experiment, but if proves my
>  Can anyone out there give us any more examples of groups changing
>Well, the Small Faces changed practically the whole band at once, & had to
>become the Faces 'cause they weren't so short anymore.
>And the Yardbirds (after changing lead guitarists twice) also let go of 
>(or he moved on himself, whatever), hired Robert Plant to finish the
>contractual obligations, and morphed into Led Zeppelin. (Actually, going
>through three legendary guitarists is the real notable of the 'birds 
>since all were the key to their sound.)
>Finally, the Drifters had 3 excellent vocalists- Clyde McPhatter, Johnny
>Moore, & Ben E. King (& briefly others)- and unlike Genesis & the examples 
>cited, didn't have to completely reinvent themselves with each one, which 
>most impressive since the Drifters were all about vocals. Then again, the
>Motown sound was kinda cookie cutter-ish (& yes, VH's sure was too, but 
>did invent the cutter pre-Hagar). In fact, I could probably list 5-10 
>groups, male & female that also had two or more lead singers, but you catch
>my drift.
>Now, Dale said that the terrible, treakly, weak AOR "artists" Sting or
>*chortle* Phil Collins could replace PG. Well, sure you did make it clear 
>was just your opinion, but I just couldn't let that one slide by. Sting
>because he's also an environmentalist? Collins *snort* because....? Uh,
>because...? Gabriel at least has a comparable energy/persona/uniqueness, 
>even there, I think you must be thinking of Gabriel in his prime (ie, with
>Anyway, Peter Garrett ain't going anywhere, & in any case the Oils without
>him would be like an Italian restaurant without pasta (I guess for the 
>that makes Rob the veal).
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