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[Powderworks] Re: hoodoos in perth PLUS a Church video NMOC

lou loulou@zip.com.au
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 21:18:27 +1000

hey Phil,

you're very welcome :) after seeing them in their Moops incarnation I can
tell you that they are in very fine form...I can't WAIT for Hombake!

for anyone who is a Church fan, and I know there's one or two of you,
there's a live video about to be released. it's of the last gig Peter
Koppes played with them during the Priest=Aura tour here in Oz, before
spitting the dummy for a few years (he's been back in the fold for a good
while now and all is right with the world). so it's pretty special.

if anyone's interested, email me offlist for details - we can preorder
before Oct 1st for $22, after that it's $30.

and now back to your usual transmission :)

At 12:12 AM 9/28/01 +0800, Phil L wrote:
>lou wrote:
>> hey there,
>> Perth Workers - you lucky ducks get Hoodoos pre-Homebake warm up gigs!
>> scheduled for Nov 29 and Dec 2. have a look here -
>Thanks Lou :-)
>I missed the Oils last visit.... but seeing the Hoodoo's would be good :-)