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[Powderworks] wednesday@the metro

Greg Coghlan gregcoghlan@hotmail.com
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 02:53:56 +0000

They also played Luritja Way and im sure another newy as well,
the usual Beds,King,Dead heart,Blue Sky, Read about it,Forgotten years,
slipped in weapon and truganini tonight,and finished with an awesome 
rendition of Only the strong .Yes and i think Olivier got a little more
than he bargained for,Twas quite humourous.New tracks sounding great can't 
wait for the album.Anyways i cant remember the order of the setlist.It was a 
Tiring 3 days but well worth the trip down oh well must be off to work.


>From: lou <loulou@zip.com.au>
>To: powderworks@cs.colorado.edu
>Subject: [Powderworks] wednesday@the metro
>Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 02:20:04 +1000
>mmm happy lou. tired, sore, happy lou :)
>well didn't this one go off a treat?
>at last the audience got a life and had a bit of fun...it did make a
>difference you know... :)
>no set list from me, obviously the batting of the eyelids didn't work on
>this security guard, dammit. John M got one - did anyone else? post it 
>new songs again - Capricornia, Overpass, Golden Age, Too Much Sunshine,
>Tone Poem...was there another?
>old songs have in fact slipped from my brain as I type...don't ask me, ask
>them...oh, Weapon again, Only the Strong...ummm...
>that pesky Worker standing centre front caught a stick again :)
>hello Rob and Dominique, pleased to meet you!
>and hello to Michael, as opposed to the other Michael :) glad you spotted
>Little Miss at last...
>Jim was wearing a hand-me-down from Krusty, who thoughtfully put herself on
>the opposite side of the stage so that I could hear the gig this
>we decided that we liked power drummers better than lazy-arse drummers, but
>that was made easier by dint of the fact that Rob was the power drummer
>being used as an example :)
>Martin was in fine form and even cracked a smile at one point...no really!
>I was thinkin', at one point, that these guys must really like each other,
>or something - there was Peter, slapping his chest and making sweat fly
>bloody everywhere, standing right next to Martin, who just took it and kept
>on playing...you know, there's very few people I'd take that from! :)
>Ollie was quite obsessed with Bones' footwear - can anyone confirm if they
>were, in fact, Homy-Peds?
>Krusty has been sworn to secrecy in regards to Ollies Incident, but I
>haven't...there was a very very VERY drunk chick up the front at the gig
>who took a very strong fancy to Ollie...was it the goatee? was it the
>accent? she was very...ummm...persistant, by all accounts...heh...he spent
>the rest of the night dodging her. I don't think he had to worry much - she
>couldn't focus beyond the end of her nose...
>Peter did an excellent rant, quite a long one and even part of it written
>down, culled from previous rants and expanded...nice one...the audience
>were the best behaved during that than I have experienced for quite some
>time...but I think there's a lot of people who want to hear it at the
>moment. it felt almost like a return to the mid-80's, if you know what I
>mean? there should have been Hari-Krishnas handing out green cordial a la
>Palm Sunday marches :)
>hope whoever gets to the Parra gigs has fun...I wish I was going now...
>but enough of this self-indulgence!
>it was triffic,
>the boys went off,
>the audience went off,
>we had a tops time.
>nuff said.
>...but will be finishing off at Wyong....will see some of you there!
>over and out,
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