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[Powderworks] Chicago 3rd Night tix

The Oilman TheOilman@new.rr.com
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 17:36:08 -0500

I called ticketmaster, they said tickets are on sale this Sat at 10am.

Although I just got a special offer from HOB and got a link to go purchase
tickets in advance with a special password and stuff for my account. Not
sure how I got that but I went and got my tickets for the third night


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Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2001 4:10 PM
Subject: Re: [Powderworks] Considering Oils in Vegas - or Chicago?

Has anyone checked on something like this for Chicago yet?  Do we have
enough 'Workers going to any of the Chicago gigs?

By the way, I've received conflicting info about when the Chicago Monday
10/22 gig goes on sale, anyone know for sure?



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Date : 25 September 2001 03:40:25
Subject : [Powderworks] Considering Oils in Vegas?
Hello Powderpeople,
>We have successfully arranged a deal with the House of Blues in Las Vegas.
>If we get a group of 20 or more, they will take a dinner reservation for
>serve us food off of a special group menu and LET US INTO THE SHOW BEFORE
>EVERYBODY ELSE!  NO WAITING IN LINE!  This is going to be a great
>opportunity to meet fellow Powderworkers, have some great food and drink
>get a good spot on the floor!  The dinner includes appetizer, entree and
>you can drink non-alcoholic beverages.  It will cost you around $55-$65 per
>person depending on which group menu we choose.  If you are a vegetarian,
>never fear, as they have a special veggie menu for $15 per person.  We also
>have an opportunity to get an all-you-can drink beer deal as well
>(mmm...beeeer...<drool,drool>.  Please let me know ASAP if you are
>interested and I will put you in the loop!  I can also send you a copy of
>the HOB's group menus so you can see what they are serving.
>Viva Las Oils!
>Seattle, WA


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