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[Powderworks] Ticketmaster story... (mostly NMOC)

Galina Yune lina_yune@msn.com
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 06:07:34 -0500


This one tops them all:  yesterday I got to talk to one man from Russia in 
Jewel (grocery store), and he didn't speak or read English at all (he came 
here about 3 years ago!).  I do speak English, Russian, and few other 
languages.  Well, he told me that the food here is really cheap, and he 
loves the can tuna, and it's only $0.19 cents per can.  I then asked him to 
show me which ones he buys.  He then took me straight to the pet area, and 
walked straight to the can food for cats.  Apparently he was purchasing and 
eating them for about 3 years now.  I then felt really sorry for him, and 
explained what kind of "tuna" it was.  It was really hard keeping my face 
straight.  As soon as I got into my car, I was laughing so hard, that I had 
tears out of my eyes.

Lina Yune

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>I went to Ohio for a while.  When I told people I was going to Ohio,
>many said, "Where's that?"
>I thought, "Well, duh!" and said, "It's South of Lake Erie, and North
>of Kentucky, East of Indiana, and West of West Virginia."
>I usually figured people knew where things were until then.  Now I
>figure that a lot of the Jeff Foxworthy 'Redneck' jokes are too close
>to reality for too many people.
>Henry K.
>  }when my parents went to the US in 1997, a texan woman asked if they 
>  }over :)
>  }
>  }bear in mind that my parents and myself lived and still live in 
>  }
>  }> This is funny. Americans have a reputation, at least in my country, as
>  }being very bad at geography.
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