Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] tuesday@the metro

lou loulou@zip.com.au
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 01:21:44 +1000

well, why wait till the arvo when you can come home at midnight and wind
down in front of the pc...?

hello to Greg and Joachim whose names I can now remember! and hello to Jo,
who successfully used the Little Miss Naughty Bag Method of
Identification...:) see? silly but effective...:)

and welcome back BB! although I think you said you weren't back on the
list. who cares. it's good to have him back...

where were you Ray? Michael?
and Rob & Dominique cos I did look out for you....

right, cheerios over, onto the set list:

for starters::
Armistice Day
Too Much Sunshine (so catchy you'd think it was Single Material)
Capricornia (which I think we've heard once before, but only once)

rob up front::
Short Memory
Luritja (this has been spelt about 4765 different ways now, and needs that
3 part harmony back to make it perfect, no, really)
Blue Sky

rob goes back to his cubby house::
Say Your Prayers
Golden Age (has Single Material written all over it's face)
Dead Heart
Forgotten Years
Best of Both Worlds

Tone Poem (which really has a funky riff you know, have I mentioned that
before? I'll just keep mentioning it anyway...)

encore! encore!::
Now or Never
Read About It (but setlist says Whats so Funny)

talk about a mellow audience! very strange. it's great when you're not
being mashed into the rail, but kinda weird to be up the front and have
scads of space behind you. tooo straaaaange...but they were receptive of
the new songs, as Michael said about last night, and of course went bananas
over the oldies. everyone was enjoying themselves, especially Miss Fries
who exercised her lungs at frequent intervals, usually into a neighbouring
ear ;)

and the air conditioning was up so high it was almost cold up the front.
but I'm not complaining!

so, hurrah as usual!

see yous all weds night,