Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] monday@the metro

lou loulou@zip.com.au
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 00:39:05 +1000

so where were you? :)

ahhh well I confess, the gig sounded good to me, cobwebs and all...:)

btw forgot to mention Ray M! Raaaaaayyy...see ya tonight matey...

see ya's all tonight

At 03:49 PM 9/25/01 -1000, Justin Heitman wrote:
>Spoke to Jim and he wasnt all that happy with last nights gig, but did say
>should be a bit better, a few more cob webs cleaned out.
>See whomever at the parra gigs fri and sat. 
>>hey all!
>>WHY am I the first to post about last night's gig? it's almost 3pm for
>>goodness' sake...slack slack slack, that's all I can say :)