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[Powderworks] American geography (NMOC)

Galina Yune lina_yune@msn.com
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 08:09:33 -0500


This is very intelligent statement.  Stereotyping is destructive , and I 
also judge the people by their actions, not by their nationality, race, or 
religious preferences.  Sometimes it's not very easy, but I have many 
friends of many different nationalities, and I have learned to love them 

Lina Yune

>Kelly Morris wrote:
>September 11 made it clear that many people around the world despise the 
>US, but
>thanks for pointing it out for us anyway.
>No offense Bjorn, but I try to avoid stereotypes.  I decide whether or not 
>like individuals, not entire nations.
>Bjorn Blomquist wrote:
> > Maybe I don't like USA that much, so what? There are many people around 
> > world who don't.
> >
> >
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