Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Last night at the metro

mwoods@customfleet.com.au mwoods@customfleet.com.au
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 15:58:01 +1000

I'm having trouble with mails at work, so news on last night may have been
posted, but I haven't seen anything, so I'll make a few brief notes.

The new songs have been polished, bridges added, solos, outros and all that.
This album will be a cracker, very spiritual in a human way - lots of
hallalujahs, a few 'I believe in you' lines, a song about walking in the forest
to 'find a simple answer'.  Nice stuff.

As expected, the gig was all about warming up the album to take to the US plus a
few old live warhorses, punter pleasers with a couple of goodies for the hard

New tracks I can recall - opened with the get a simple answer song which segued
into Sometimes, Golden Age after a Johnny rant, Too much sunshine, Luritja Way,
Overpass and a few others (Stand your ground is one I remember which was not

The acoustic kit came out for Beds, Short memory, Blue Sky

Dead heart (most faithful-to-the-original version I have heard...), TRT,
Prayers, King, Forgotten Years, What's so funny....

The encores were worth the price of admission for me - Armistice Day, Now or
never land, Redneck - botched intro and all.  Came back for Read about it.

A few technical problems, but the show flowed well, room nearly full with
generous applause for new songs.

I'd like to know what it was PG confiscated from the crowd during Sometimes?

Once more to the breach tonight!!