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[Powderworks] monday@the metro

Justin Heitman justinh@jeack.com.au
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 15:49:37 -1000

Spoke to Jim and he wasnt all that happy with last nights gig, but did say tonight
should be a bit better, a few more cob webs cleaned out.
See whomever at the parra gigs fri and sat. 


>hey all!
>WHY am I the first to post about last night's gig? it's almost 3pm for
>goodness' sake...slack slack slack, that's all I can say :)
>so, anyway, what do you expect, it was really good. I have a setlist but
>someone took it backstage to try and get it signed for me...can anyone else

>post the setlist?
>they played the same new songs as last time - Golden Age, Lurjita, Tone
>Poem, Overpass...ummm what other new ones? they've played around with the
>chorus of Lurjita, a shame, I think the 3-part harmony on the 'guiding
>light' bit was actually quite sublime...also changed Tone Poem, that
>excellent riff is the same, but something sounds different...
>everyone was in a good mood, the band, the audience, only one guy pulled
>out - but then I've never seen a bad gig at the metro. there was room up
>the front, only a bit of a crush at the end and that was pretty
>mild...interesting to see if it stays the same.
>the two supports were great - we've seen Palladium support before, and they

>are very good, I think. the next band was Dan Brodie and the Broken Arrows,

>who in my mind had been mixed up with the Pale Riders who supported a few
>years back...so I was pleasantly surprised, cos I thought the Riders were a

>bit of a dud. the Broken Arrows, we decided, were Post-Modern
>Deconstructionist Punk Country, complete with Dennis Franz doing a great
>impression of a fat-arsed lazy country drummer... ;) ...heh...they were
>actually very good indeed...
>rob had an exquisite pair of black and white check platform shoes at the
>front of his drumkit...hmmm...oh and they did a few songs on the mini kit,

>only 4 or 5 though, with a few electric before, and plenty after...2
>have to mention the powderworker centre front who caught Rob's sticks. you

>were the only powdie I didn't say hi to - 'fess up mystery man!
>we had a regular little par-tay there last night - John M, Olivier,
>Michael, Miss Fries, the two Powdies wearing shirts whose names I am most
>remiss to not remember! (I'm bad, I know), Alistair up in the cage...along

>with various other friends that you, dear reader, have never heard of, we
>had a ball. always excellent to go with a group of rabid fans eh?
>anyway enuff guff, see ya up the front tonight
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