Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Using Marillion as a role model!

Stephen Scott stephenandeva@hotmail.com
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 08:02:13 +0000

Me, yet again.
I am part of the Marillion mailing list. I think they're a great band, but 
on top of that, they are very inventive. I think we should emulate them in 
some ways. I'll explain.
Marillion have a great website http://www.marillion.com
They also email updates very frequently. You can buy tickets, all the back 
catalogue, plus live cd's only available from their website. The fans 
pre-paid for their last album, which cost 16 pounds (approx 23 US dollars / 
45 AU dollars). The band used the money to finance the album, before they 
started even writing it. They were able to use their favourite producer who 
normally they couldn't afford. In return, everyone who pre-paid for the 
album got their name in the liner notes, a free second disc with extra songs 
and videos, and a unique packaging, which I have never seen before or since. 
It looks great. They were the first band to do it, and consequently were in 
the news, both music and national. Now they have decided to release a single 
only through their website. It costs 3.50 pounds (5US/10AU), and they send 
you 2 copies of the single. One for yourself, and one to send to your local 
radio station, and bombard them with emails requesting it. Also, for an 
extra 1 pound, they will send you a 10 track compilation of their past 4 or 
5 albums, to give to friends to try and introduce them to the band. It's 
just in the process of happening, so I don't know how successful it's going 
to be, but I expect they will do well. The Marillion fans are extremely 
devoted. I got an email from them yesterday telling me that they are having 
a Marillion convention in a small resort in England. They plan to take over 
the town for a whole weekend, and Marillion will play extended extra special 
gigs on the Friday and Saturday, including their album "Brave" in it's 
entirity, with no breaks.
Just think if the Oils did that. All of us getting together, and the Oils 
playing their first 3 albums back to back on the first night, and the next 3 
on the second night. Now I really am dreaming.
I was just wondering if those in the know would like to mention this to the 
Oils themselves. I think with our help, we can make sure they get more 
airplay that they would normally get, with their next album.
What do ya think??

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